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Let's Play!

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Tek turns clicking the "next" button to draw a card from the deck.

Read the card and perform whatever action is on the card.

Keep going until ya can't no more.

Tek a Tups If :

The player drinks if the card applies to them. For mass destruction, if the card applies to multiple people they all tek a tups!

Most Likely To:

Everyone votes on the person the card most likely to fit/identify with the prompt. Player most voted must tek 5 sips.

Dare or Drink:

Player must do the dare or tek the number of sips instructed on the card.


Players tek turns naming something that fits the category. First player to name something twice or hesitate, tek 5 sips.

Finish the line

Finish the song lyric or tek 5 sips for not knowing your culture.


Click "Next" at the bottom of the card to Start Game

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